Talking timber ( is a non-government ) initiative that has been created to foster and promote meaningful discussion about the Victorian Timber Industry.

Our Vision is to be part of a Timber Industry that preserve its ancient forests, expand its plantation forests responsibly and respectively managing its regrowth forests to ensure we supply all our timber needs.

Talking Timber has been created to have a meaningful discussion and plan that ensures a sustainable future for both our production timber supply and our native forests. We can absolutely maintain our biodiversity, increase the size of our regrowth forests and still enjoy all of the social, sustainable, and aesthetic benefits that timber gives us in domestic and commercial design and construction.

While recognizing the biological wonder of trees, the careful use of timber is a tribute to the value and respect we all place on the quality and attributes of these incredible ecosystems. The future of the planet may in fact depend on a better understanding and use of our existing forests and establishing new forests by planting more trees on degraded soils.

Trees help mitigate climate change as they break down carbon dioxide (CO2), store carbon, and produce oxygen for us to breathe. They remain an important source of timber products that we use every day, energy, fuels, chemicals, and many other future products yet to be developed.

We can respect and appreciate the beauty of both trees and timber. The love of each does not have to be mutually exclusive. The key to our relationship with trees and timber is to have a net increase in the planet’s forests and managing them sustainably to protect ecological sensitive ecosystems.